HeyGuys I'm John :). I mainly play Fifa, but I may play something else on occasion. I try to read everything in the chat, so feel free to ask plenty of questions. I hope you enjoy the Stream! Twitch Twitter


Hey guys, what is up? It's your boy Mohamed aka CerebralSkillz, welcome to another live-stream!!

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My name is Alex and I am mostly a CoD and FIFA streamer. I enjoy what I do and want it to be my career! Come watch me and my journey to success (Hopefully Kappa) Twitch Twitter


In Love with GiGi Hadid... Just another teenage Fifa streamer, who sucks at Fifa...

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My name is Ryan, feel free to call me Budo (Boo-Doe) for BudoMonk or Ryan---I am Irish, Dutch and Welsh---Born and raised in New York---LFC supporter till the end---You'll never walk ALONE with BUDO <3---FIFA 16 YouTube---GTA, BO3, Fallout 4---Stay positive, enjoy the stream---Ya Boy Twitch Twitter



Hello you absolute legends welcome to my channel! Before you ask yes I was on Big Brother but now I stream FIFA full time! If you like rage and some general chit chat feel free to follow the stream everyone is welcome in here... Twitch Twitter


So, you want to know a bit about me? Well first of all, my name is BOOMA307. I love to play, watch and talk about football and my love for the game carries over into FIFA. Hope you enjoy my future streams, the best is yet to come. Twitch Twitter


Hi I'm a 20 year old video game enthusiast from Wales. I love playing FIFA, supporting Everton and the G.O.A.T CR7. Twitch Twitter